1. Print and accomplish the Letter of Introduction and USSA ADA Enrolment and Maintenance Form and go to your nearest UCPB branch to open:

        i) a UCPB Securities Settlement Account (USSA), and
        ii) a Funding Account/Mother Account*
  2. *If you already have an active regular UCPB account, you may use this as your Funding Account/Mother Account
  3. If you already have your UCPB Securities Settlement Account (USSA), fill up UCPB Securities, Inc. (USI) Online Trading Account Application Form.

    Please ensure that your personal details are the same with your UCPB Securities Settlement Account.
  4. Print and sign the Online Trading Account Application Form, Online Trading Agreement and UCPB Securities Inc. Specimen Signature Cards.
  5. (NOTE: Printer is required for completing this application.)
  6. Assemble application documents and other requirements.
  7. Submit application documents and other requirements to designated locations.
  8. Wait for e-mail confirmation from USI.
  9. (NOTE: DO NOT fund your USSA until USI confirms that account has been opened.)